Piano Tuning in Wolverhampton


Piano Tuning in Wolverhampton

Hi, My name’s Stephen Haynes and I have been a professional piano tuner for a number of years now after graduating from the renowned Newark College Piano School in Nottinghamshire,

My love for music began back in primary school when I learnt to play the recorder. This led to playing clarinet and bassoon in secondary school where I played in the wind band and orchestra.

I carried on with clarinet and recorder into adulthood, joining a local concert band and the Society of Recorder Players. I enjoy listening to and playing a wide variety of music from Medieval and Renaissance, through to Classical and Jazz.

It is because of my love for music that I want to help you make the most of your instrument, and piano tuning is a passion for me, as well as a career.

I know that lives today are busy, and that getting your piano tuned is possibly way down your priority list, and this is why I offer flexible times to suit your needs (including weekend and evenings).

To find out more, or to have a chat about other services I can offer you please call 07866 953 039 for a no obligation chat, or just complete the contact form here.


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