Here’s a question for you.  Why are so many ‘old’ pianos simply thrown out, or broken up, when all they require is a general check over, and probably tuning (which, no doubt, they haven’t had in years), and a few minor repairs that would put them back on the road to recovery?

Many fine pieces of furniture have gone to that celestial piano showroom, unless saved by an enlightened owner.  I believe the therapeutic values of that unloved ‘heap’ in the corner are endless, ranging from keeping the brain active for individuals with Alzheimer’s,  luring bored youngsters away from their phones/tablets(impossible?) through to adult learners, beavering away in their spare time.

That old acoustic piano is so much better for developing correct finger technique, and for training the muscles in the fingers, rather than a digital keyboard, with its keys which are generally pivoted at one end, and feel as if they are sprung loaded.  Even modern digital pianos, with their touch-sensitive and weighted keyboards, can’t quite re-create the nuances of the REAL piano keyboard!

So I would urge you to think again before throwing out the unloved piece of furniture that Great Grandma bought when she was in her prime!

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