Hands up all of you who purchased an acoustic piano for Christmas. Old or new, big or small, it may take a little while to become acquainted with that new piece of Musical Furniture, but you’ll certainly be glad that you did so. The way ahead may not be smooth, and at times it will undoubtedly be very frustrating. But ultimately, all the hard work will be very rewarding. You can award yourself a ‘pat on the back’ if you purchased a course of piano lessons, either in addition to your new instrument, or as a separate gift for yourself, or for a friend or relative.

For those of you lucky enough to have bought – or have been bought – a piano for Christmas, you are joining that magical group of individuals who call themselves ‘pianists’, or more broadly, musicians. Who knows where your pianistic journey will take you? No doubt some of you will have classical leanings, and will want to become aspiring Concert Pianists, whereas others will be content to play all styles of music as they progress, and the pianists with Jazz leanings? Well they might just want to play the Christmas Pressie Blues!!

Don’t forget to look after your new piano, by having it tuned & maintained regularly. My contact details can be found on all of the pages of my website. HAPPY PLAYING!!

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